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A Short Biography


Riccardo Troiani was born in Lucca on 9th October 1965 and he already possessed at the tender age of 4 a recognisable artistic flair. A famous art critic and journalist Dr Del Ry observing one of his tempera paintings was rather impressed by his talent.

He studied at Elementary, Middle and Scientific High School with excellent marks and passed the time doing cartoon caricatures of his school friends. Then at the age of 32 he picked up the technique of watercolour with a strong instinct and colour to him is, in some way, a voice with which he expresses himself.

He decided then to dedicate himself to oil painting and to explore the fascinating world of painting, study the figure and in particular the portrait interpreting with notable stylistic research faces which are almost fixed permanently in their fleeting life on the canvas.

The important highlights or the milestones of his artistic experience are without doubt the contacts he had with the painters from the Lucchesia. First and foremost Giovanni Lorenzetti painter and teacher of the Artistic High School of Viareggio. He taught him how to prepare canvasses, marking and sketching with sanguine crayon and pastels. Then the painter and architect Mauro Lovi who recommended he read several texts on the theory of colour.

The teachers at the Artistic High School of Lucca Luigi Salotti and Romano Silva, to whom he owes loving and watchful care throughout the years and studying the theory of colours in “shadows”.

His most important work is to observe the great masters of classic painting, the study of anatomy and proportions in drawing the human figure.



  • Participates with success at the exhibition of “the Orange Square and the courtyard of S. Michael’s square from 1998 to 2001
  • In the parish church of S. Vito one can admire “Jesus the Man” in which can be found the mystery of the superhuman and the metaphysical in the look and the gesture of the Christ figure with impressionistic tones in the landscape and a manieristic treatment of Christ’s robes.
  • Portraits commissioned by families from Lucca from 1998 to 2003
  • He prepares several scene designs for various stands at the Fitness Fair of Lucca.
  • Within the Academy of Aesthetics in Pisa he participates in the years 2002-3-4 with excellent results in the Body Painting show (winning classified trophy cups)
  • In the same sector of body painting he paints at a discotheque called “Vogue” in Versilia and at the Gym Ego of Lucca
  • He prepares a publicity image for the Academy of Aesthetics of a female figure printed in the Tirreno newspaper for the spring and summer of 2002.


In the short course of his career as a painter one can count more than 200 works, amongst them portraits in oil and pencil, landscapes and watercolours.

His works have been sold beyond the central part of Italy in both Germany and America.

The pencil and the brush are none other than a continuation of the hand, united with the emotions and the feelings of the person.

The forms are already on the surface and come out as if in a dance leaving traces of colour and freshness.

He transfers onto the canvas images of light, a story, a face, a tree, a bale of hay which all take on their own sacredness gathered and fixed for a moment in their flow of life and art, gesture and movement.

He executes on request

  • Landscapes and seascapes of Tuscany and other places in oil and watercolour
  • Antique tiles of oven baked brick painted by hand